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Our Services

Moore Choices gives businesses and event organizers “more choices” other than traditional advertising methods when it comes to getting the word out.  Social media is the most cost-effective way to target and reach MORE PEOPLE.  Along with our website and monthly E-Newsletters, we actively utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote things to do, places to go, and local businesses in our vibrant community.  Services that we offer include: 


  • Single Event Promotion Packages including fundraisers, concerts, plays, etc.
  • Ongoing Monthly Membership Packages
  • Seasonal Page Sponsorships on our Kids Summer Camps, Harvest Fun and Santa Sightings Pages 

Please contact us to learn about our package specifics and we’ll help you customize a plan that 

works best for you.  


Moore Choices is a business BY a person who loves Moore County FOR the people of Moore County.  Having grown up just 30 minutes outside of a large city, I was used to always having a lot to do.  When I moved here in December 1999, I had a hard time getting used to small-town life.  I didn’t realize what a gem I had in Moore County until years later.  This place has grown on me so much that I can’t imagine calling any other place home.  THERE IS A LOT TO DO HERE.  You just have to find out about it. 

That’s why I created Moore Choices in January 2015.  I wanted the people of Moore County to have a simple, user-friendly place to discover the huge variety of choices out there for things to do and places to go.  Moore Choices isn’t just me.  It’s my husband, Eric, who supports me.  It’s my two sons who patiently wait while I update the site, go to meetings, and post information. It’s Holly (below), who’s my right-hand woman!  And it’s the many businesses who have joined me along the way. Without their support, Moore Choices would not exist.

Thank you for visiting MOORE CHOICES.  I hope you will visit this site often and that it will be your go-to resource when you are looking for fun things to do in and around Moore County.  After you explore the website, check out our social media pages by clicking on the links at the top of this page. Thanks and enjoy!

Julia Brokmeyer

Owner/Moore Choices, LLC

PS  Nearly 3 years into my Moore Choices journey, I survived a heart attack in October 2017.  It was caused by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD), a mysterious event with no warning signs and no risk factors.  I have since then become an advocate for SCAD, or what I call a “Scadvocate.”  Doctors don’t know much about SCAD, and many healthcare professionals haven’t even heard of it!  SCAD is literally a spontaneous tear within the coronary artery wall that causes a blockage to form, cutting off blood supply to the heart.  I feel so lucky to be alive!  Please visit to find out more about this condition that typically affects healthy women (and some men)  with the average age of around 42.  

Meet Holly:

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 2.38.18 PM.png

Holly Lohse joined Moore Choices in October 2019.  Holly and Julia first met when their children were in first grade way back in 2008!  She moved to North Carolina from Connecticut in 2005 with her 2 children and fell in love with the family atmosphere of The Pines. Holly will never pass up a good cup of coffee, loves a good book, and enjoys time with her family.  She helps to keep the Calendar up to date with all the Moore County has to offer.   Holly also works full time at JD Contractors, LLC, a concrete contracting company that Julia and her husband purchased in March 2019.

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