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Muirfield Broadcasting
Office Line: (910) 692-2107
Studio Line: (910) 692-2969
Address: 200 Short St.
Southern Pines, NC 28387
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Star 102.5

NW Moore County is under a Tornado Warning until 3:30pm. A severe thunderstorm is moving towards the area and cit…

Star 102.5

The 77th U.S. Women's Open Championship returns to Pine Needles Golf Club June 2nd through the 5th and we have FREE…

Star 102.5

Breaking News: The Senate on Tuesday passed a measure that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent across the Uni…

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Advertising with Muirfield Broadcasting is a great idea.  We have 2 great radio stations, a local TV station, 3 powerful and innovative websites and a social media network that will land in the hand of your potential customers wherever they are.  The diversity of our advertising opportunities is design specifically to meet the needs of modern consumers...and give our advertisers lots of ways to interact with our audience.   You want customers...we can get them for you.

Learn more about our Stations
Star 102.5 is a 6,000 watt  FM station serving the Sandhills.
Playing the best variety of "Soft Rock" makes Star 102.5 the perfect listen at work radio station. Our coverage of local events, news and weather makes us a wonderful advertising partner for your business.
Target Demographic: 25 - 54 year old adults
Counties Served: Moore, Hoke, Lee, Richmond, Cumberland

WIOZ 550AM is a 1,000 watt  AM station serving the Moore County.
Playing America's Best Music makes WIOZ the perfect way to reach Moore County's older citizens.  Featuring the "Golden Age" of music results in all day listening by an audience that has retired and loves the Sandhills Lifestyle.  Our exclusive relationship with these listeners makes us a wonderful advertising partner for your business.
Target Demographic: 55+ adults
Counties Served: Moore

WYBE Sandhills TV3 is a local TV station featured on Time Warner Cable.
Featuring locally produced television programming Sandhills TV3 is a unique advertising opportunity for your business.  Ever think about having your own TV Show?  It's a possiblity...and a cost effective one.  Our station also ties directly into our social media and multi-media channels giving your TV advertising a chance to go "Viral" too.  To learn more call us and we;ll answer all your questions.
Target Demographic: All Moore County residents
Counties Served: Moore, Hoke, Lee, Richmond, Cumberland and more

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