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Classic Sun Control

315 South Plum Street
Pinebluff NC 28373
Phone: (910) 603-0048
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csc_logo_longYou work hard to have nice things in your home. Many are priceless, not only monetarily but also sentimentally. You also know the damage that the sun can inflict on your skin. Did you know that the suns rays are also damaging to the fabrics, woods and even artwork INSIDE your csc_logo_babyhome?

 Join the thousands of homes - including some of America's premier and historic residences - that have found new beauty and protection with Vista Window Films. Classic Sun Control in Southern Pines is the area's exclusive distributor of Vista Sun Control Window Film. With Vista Window Film applied to your homes glass, your color schemes stay true, and all your furnishings retain beauty and strength for years to come. Also, Vista holds radiant heat and air conditioning inside, enabling you to enjoy comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills.

Call Classic Sun Control at 910-281-5216 to have Vista Window Film professionally installed with no mess and no hassle. Vista is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Society of Interior Designers
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