Hi - This is Tiffany Hewitt, General Manager of Muirfield Broadcasting, during this time of uncertainty it is important to come together and overcome the challenges that we face. The coronavirus is not only a health concern, but it also imposes an economic concern for the country and businesses all over the Sandhills. Although many businesses have changed the way they are doing business, they are still open and interested in serving you. Doing business differently is the norm and contacting the business by phone or their website is a good first step. Our radio family wants to encourage you to support local businesses, even if you cannot visit them physically you can still support them. Buy a gift card, order take, order online - whatever your needs are - still utilize all industries as much as possible. Our small businesses are the backbone of our community and they need our help now. Our entire team here at Star 102.5FM and WIOZ 550AM will continue to provide up to the minute information as things change.

By working together, we will get through this very unusual time, stay positive.

In fact, tell us about a positive experience with a local business that you would like to support. We'll share some of these responses on social media and maybe even talk about them on Star 102.5.