Do you have a business, a service, or a product, or that needs to reach Moore County residents? Take advantage of an exciting new opportunity that deliver your message directly to thousands of Moore County homes. PUT YOURSELF ON TELEVISION! Sandhills TV 3 is the cable channel that carries Moore County's only local television station.

The Sandhills market is very special. Pinehurst is an icon in the world of golf, and 1.15 million visitors a year come to this area. To reach residents and tourists in throughout the Sandhills, why not advertise on Sandhills TV 3? It's effective, easy, and surprisingly affordable!
  • People spend more time with television than any other medium.
  • Television has been voted the most authoritative, exciting, influential and persuasive advertising medium.
  • More than half of consumers say that they are most likely to learn about products or brands from television.
  • Our Sandhills TV-3 audience is likely to include the exact consumers you want to reach. They buy real estate, own stocks, purchase computers, televisions, cell phones, health and medical products, and of course, they play golf.
  • Sandhills TV-3 programs air many times throughout the week. Consumers may see a print ad just once and throw it away. But when you advertise on Sandhills TV-3, the audience will be reminded time and again about you!
  • Sandhills TV-3 offers a unique avenue to reach the affluent retiree market in Moore County.
  • Newcomers and visitors watch television! New arrivals in the Sandhills are likely to choose where to buy cars, houses, groceries, select restaurants, and pick doctors and dentists before and just after they move here.
Still undecided?

Perhaps you still have a few doubts. You may think:

"I can't afford television. It's too expensive."

No it isn't! Big city stations charge high fees, because even if you want to target a local market, you still have to pay for access to communities you don't need to reach. Sandhills TV-3 offers local prices to reach local audiences. Our rates are incredibly affordable, competitive with (and often less expensive) than any other advertising medium in Moore County.

"I don't know how to produce a television show or a commercial".

We'll produce it for you. We have a complete production studio and can design a commercial or even a whole program custom tailored to your needs.

"How do I know this will work?"

There are never guarantees in advertising. We can provide lots of statistics, charts, and demographics about the benefits of television advertising. But our best recommendations come from people who have already made the choice you're thinking about making. So check out our testimonials.

Businesses throughout the Sandhills continue to advertise on our station. See what your friends and neighbors think about us.

"I have a special business or product. How can I reach a target audience?"

We'll help. Sandhills TV-3 offers many different kinds of programs and advertising opportunities. Whether you sell cars or dresses, operate a restaurant or a real estate agency, practice medicine or practice your golf swing, we've got exactly the spot for you.

"I'll think about it tomorrow."

Think about it today! Don't put off a chance to reach our audience. Put yourself on television today, and start thinking about the rewards tomorrow.

For further information call Tiffany at 692-2107.