What is Sandhills TV 3?
Sandhills TV 3 is the cable channel that carries Moore County's only local broadcast station, WYBE-CA. Although the station broadcasts over channel 44, most Moore County viewers watch us on Time-Warner's cable system on Channel 3. So the station is popularly known as "Sandhills TV 3"

Does Sandhills TV 3 produce its own programs?
Yes! All of the local programs you watch on Sandhills TV 3 are produced in our studio. The station airs 24 hours a day, so when we're not broadcasting our own local programs, we do air an outstanding and varied schedule of syndicated and independently produced programs.

Where is the station located?
Our studio is located at 200 Short Street, Southern Pines, NC 28387. Our station also shoots many programs and commercials on location throughout Moore County.

Is Sandhills TV 3 affiliated with public broadcasting?
No! Sandhills TV 3 has no affiliation with PBS, the national public broadcasting service, or with any of the local PBS affiliates in North Carolina. Public broadcasting stations are funded by public and corporate contributions and are not permitted to advertise local businesses, products, and services. Sandhills TV 3 does present the same caliber of cultural and educational programs found on public broadcasting stations. But unlike noncommercial PBS affiliates, we also can help local businesses, products and services reach our growing audiences throughout Moore County.

How much does it cost to advertise on local television?
Advertising on Sandhills TV 3 is surprisingly affordable! The station doesn't offer a "one size fits all" approach. The cost of advertising is determined by when your ad airs, how long it runs, and whether you provide us with a camera-ready commercial or want our studio to produce and edit the ad before it is ready to air. Sandhills TV 3 also offers a wide variety of opportunities to deliver your message, including whole programs or program segments tailored specifically to your product or service. If you want to deliver a message about a product or service on television, call Tiffany at 692-2107. She's friendly and helpful, and can develop an advertising package just for your needs.

What is “Mark! My Words”?
"Mark! My Words" is a unique commentary program hosted by composer and author, Dr. Mark Evans, with an emphasis on words, music, books, theater, film, art, and language. The show presents "the best of the past, which shouldn't be forgotten, the best of the present, which shouldn't be ignored, and the best of the future, which shouldn't be undiscovered."

How do I publicize an event on Sandhills TV 3?
If you represent a non-profit organization or service club, there is no charge for listing your event on the station's "Community Calendar", and it may be possible for you to schedule an interview on "Moore County Minutes" to tell Moore County even more about your event on the air.

How do I get a television program on the air?
Sandhills TV 3 always welcomes new ideas from viewers. Of course, not every type of program in suitable for the Sandhills TV 3 format, which emphasizes family programs and news and entertainment of interest to residents of Moore County. New shows generally require a sponsor. The cost of airing a whole show depends on whether the show has already been produced or will require production and editing time in our studio.

How does Sandhills TV 3 benefit the community?
In many ways! Sandhills TV 3 devotes many hours on the air to community events and numerous charitable and non-profit causes. Our web site contains a whole page devoted to the station's involvement in community activities.

Does Sandhills TV 3 accept advertising for candidates for public office?
Yes! Sandhills TV 3 is a great way for your candidate to deliver a message to the public. Our channel regularly offers the most immediate and comprehensive local election results as soon as the polls close.