Scott’s Table

311 SE Broad St.
Southern Pines
Fine Dining / Catering
Phone: 910-684-8126

Scott's Table is all about quality, fresh ingredients being respected and handled carefully.  The choice to bring produce and proteins in from local North Carolina sources ensures that they will be at the peak of their taste profiles.  Produce that can ripen on the plant and be picked only when it is ready will always taste better than produce that must travel across the country or the world to reach us.  It is with this ideal in mind that the groundwork for Scott’s Table began.  Our dishes have been carefully created by Chef Scott and executed by his skilled team of professionals.  Our pride shows in every plate we create.

Our dedication and commitment to using the best of ingredients carries over into our dining rooms - in the way we take care of each and every guest that comes to Scott’s Table.  Our staff is here, not only to serve you, but also to tell the stories of the dishes we serve.  Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.  We are glad you are here.


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