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Star 102.5 has been supporting LOCAL BUSINESSES for 45 years....now it's time to support LOCAL MUSICIANS too!

Star 102.5 has teamed with the Heritage Flag Company to offer an opportunity for local singers, bands or duos to compete head to head in a weekly music competition. Each week, the Star 102.5 listeners will vote online for who they think is the best that week, the winner moves on and gains more exposure for their music and opportunities to promote their upcoming LIVE appearances.  It's time for the Sandhills best bands & singers to be heard

Here is the OFFICIAL Schedule for the 2018 Star 102.5 Band Battle

7/16 - 7/20 - Battle 1  Jon Rachels & The Sweet T's (WINNER) VS. The McKenzie Brothers Band
7/23 - 7/27 - Battle 2  Jill Charles VS. Jordan Cranford (WINNER)
7/30 - 8/3 - Battle 3  Becca Rae VS. Feathers and Bones (WINNER)
8/6 - 8/10 - Battle 4  Joey Kennedy (WINNER) VS. Dark Horse
8/13 - 8/17 - Round 2 Battle 1 Jon Rachels & the Sweet T's (WINNER) VS. Jordan Cranford
8/20 - 8/24 - Round 2 Battle 2  Feathers and Bones VS. Joey Kennedy (WINNER)

8/27 - 8/31 - Final Battle  Jon Rachels & the Sweet T's VS. Joey Kennedy

9/8 - Band Battle concert at the Heritage Flag Company

What's at stake in the 2018 star102.5 Band Battle?

  • The winning song will be played on Star 102.5 for 5 days after you win, exposing your talent to thousands of new fans across Moore County and the Sandhills.
  • The winners will have an ON-AIR interview with Patrick Kelly to discuss their Band Battle victory, giving you a chance to tell our audience your story and where they'll be playing LIVE!
  • Winning song posted on the Star 102.5 website the week of their battle and the week after their win!
  • They'll move on to the next round of the competition...........and if they keep winning....compete to be the Band Battle Champion.
A spot in the lineup for our 2018 BAND BATTLE CONCERT to be held at the Heritage Flag Company in downtown Southern Pines in September! Their set will be promoted, they'll be interviewed ON-AIR and they'll play LIVE as part of our SUMMER ENDING SHOW!

Here are the winning songs so far!
Jon Rachels & The Sweet T's (BATTLE 1 WINNER)

Jordan Cranford (BATTLE 2 WINNER)

Feathers and Bones (BATTLE 3 WINNER)

Joey Kennedy (BATTLE 4 WINNER)

  1.  By selecting ENTER ME in the field above you are officially asking to be considered for the 2018 Star 102.5 Band Battle Competition. This means that if selected, you are agreeing to abide by all of the rules and regulations of the contest and to the requirements for entry into the competition as set forth by Muirfield Broadcasting.
  2. By entering this competition you are giving Muirfield Broadcasting full permission to play your music (in full or snippet form) on Star 102.5
  3. By entering this competition you are giving Muirfield Broadcasting full permission to use your band logo, member likenesses and performance schedule to help promote the Star 102.5 Band Battle 2018 on the Star 102.5 airwaves, it's websites and social media accounts
  4. By entering this competition you are giving Muirfield Broadcasting full permission to post your competition song submissions on our website www.star1025fm.com or our social media accounts for the purposes of promotion and online listener voting.
  5. You would like to participate in the Band Battle Concert at the end of the competition (not required)
  6.  All Artists must be seventeen (17) years of age or older to enter
  7. At a minimum, one band member must retain residency within a 50 mile radius of Southern Pines, NC
  8. By entering this competition you are agreeing to abide by the outcome of the weekly voting during the competition.  Our listeners will be allowed to vote as many times as they wish for whichever artist they prefer.  The most votes wins...period!
  9. Muirfield Broadcasting cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties encountered by website users during online voting.  Muirfield will make every attempt to make the voting available to all users but are not responsible for mechanical issues, lost connections or technology failures.  As such Muirfield Broadcasting cannot be held liable for lost voting opportunities by any party.
Creative Materials:
  1. All songs performed by the Artist during the contest, attributed to the artists in any media, or used while the band is participating in the contest (original and/or cover songs) are referred to herein collectively as the “Creative Materials.”
  2. Creative Materials as defined by these official rules will not infringe upon the intellectual property rights, or defame or invade the publicity or privacy rights, of any third party, living or deceased.
  3. Cover songs are allowed but original Creative Materials submitted may not contain “sampling” from other songs, music, sound effects, or any other elements in which the Artists do not have the necessary rights to, title and interest, including copyright.
  4. Creative Materials and band names must be kept in line with Muirfield Broadcasting’s positive image. Muirfield Broadcasting has absolute discretion, without limitation, to determine if Creative Materials or Artists names contain offensive or defamatory items
  5. Muirfiled Broadcasting will not make any claims of intellectual property or ownership of materials submitted for this competition or performed at the Band Battle Concert.  Artists will retain all rights to all creative materials except for those purposes outlined in the competition rules