The Bakehouse was established in 1948 by Josef Brunner a third generation Master Baker. A small town in Austria was the home of the bakery, where it was in business for over 40 years, being passed on to the next generation, Kurt Brunner. In 1991, Kurt and his wife Linda relocated the bakery to the United States, the land of many opportunities, with their son Martin, the German shepherd and most of the bakeries specialized machinery.

The original US location was in Fayetteville, where the Brunner’s built a reputable business offering European pastries and light lunch to include Schnitzel and Bratwurst.

It was the game of golf that provoked Kurt to research the Pinehurst area for another location, and in 1996 they moved to the area, opening the Café Mozart. By this time their son Martin had grown into the business, and after attending Sandhills Community College for business, was running the front of the house operations. But he wanted to follow his dad’s footsteps and earn a degree in baking. So he attended Johnson & Wales University for Baking and Pastry arts.

Martin met his wife Mireia working at the Café Mediterraneo, Mireia’s parent’s restaurant. Mireia, being a native of Barcelona Spain, shared a similar story about moving to the USA at an early age, and her and Martin hit if off right away. Fast forward 20 years, and they have been happily married for 18 years and have three wonderful kids.

The current Bakehouse was a seed which rose from two devastating family events. Martins parents divorced, and Mireia lost her dad to cancer. With both business missing a major family member, Martin wanted to consolidate the two businesses. In 2007 the opportunity presented itself to purchase a building in downtown Aberdeen, and the young couple jumped on it.

One of the key components of the new location was the special Italian Hearth Oven, the only one of its kind in a 100 mile radius. Kurt, Martin, Mireia and Dolores worked into the late nights to get the new location ready, and in June of 2008, exactly 60 years after original Bakehouse was established, the USA Bakehouse opened up. Martin felt compelled to honor his grandpa, so he named the new location “The Bakehouse”, as this was the name of the business he grew up living above in Hartberg, Austria. He remembers helping bakers create baked goods such as Sourdough Rye Bread and Challah breads, as young as 7 years old!

Today, the Bakehouse offers a European style breakfast with fresh baked rolls, croissants and Danishes, as well as omlettes and quiches. Lunches are served from 11 am to 2:30, and include Dolores’s famous Barcelona Burger, featuring spinach and the special garlic sauce. Other menu items include paninis, salads, schnitzel and Bratwurst.

Kurt has now retired, but not before training bakeries in the art of Artisan breads, so it is clear that the bakery offers an array of many European style breads.

If you are looking for a dessert for a special dinner, the bakery offers a full showcase of scrumptious treats, featuring local and seasonal ingredients. You can watch the pastry chefs behind the glass window in the dining room create specialty cakes and wedding cakes. They key of the bakeries success is by offering a great product with a smile. Martin explains that many young couples celebrate their marriage with a Bakehouse wedding cake, then soon follow with bridal shower and birthday cakes for their kids. A customer for life is the goal of the bakery, and they strive to create a personal relationship with all their patrons.