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Carpet DryClean

3101 Stonybrook Dr
Raleigh NC 27604
Phone: 910-556-4651
Website Facebook
Contact Person: Vance
carpetdryclean_80Carpet DryClean is the ONLY carpet cleaning company that puts all services in one price, no add-ons.

Services Include:
  • Extra attention to spots & stains
  • Moving Furniture
  • Anti-static
  • Soil repellant (protects against rapid resoiling)
  • Sanitizing; Carpet DryClean is the ONLY cleaner to sanitize every carpet. (NOTE: Sanitizing is the extermination of germs, bacteria and dust mites, and is important for individuals with small children, pets and people with allergies.)

  • Carpet DryClean is the ONLY cleaning process that sanitizes with no drying time!
  • Cleaning process is environmentally friendly. Our process breaks down soil and soluable matter in carpets with organic solvents. During rapid evaporation foreign matter is absorbed into micro sponges and then extracted out of the carpet.
  • Carpet DryClean is the ONLY carpet cleaner who obtains customer satisfaction before the work begins.
  • Dry cleaning extends the life of your carpet, as opposed to steam cleaning, which decreases carpet life tremendously.
  • Carpet DryClean is a one hundred percent green cleaner. A green cleaner is environmentally friendly, human friendly, and pet friendly. Absolutely uses no petro-chemicals or toxic chemicals in our cleaning process.

  • Price Quotes Include: Baby & Pet -safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, organic dry-cleaning, soil repellant, deodorizer, disinfectant, deep brush scrub dirt removal, anti-static, furniture moved.

    No Drying Time!
    • No Water or Shampoo
    • Helps Eliminate Germs and Dust Mites
    • Organic, Safe and Environmentally Friendly
    • All Technicians Have Worldwide Certification Through W.H. Chemicals

    Specialist in:
    • Pet Odor and Stain Removal
    • Oriental and Wool Rugs
    Classic Sun Control - They stick it where the sun shines
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