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Southern Prime Restaurant

270 SW Broad St.
Southern Pines NC 28387
Phone: 910-693-0123
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southernprime_300cYou've had a long day. The sun is hot on the streets and fairways of Pinehurst. You need a place to relax, to be waited on, to satisfy that WELL-EARNED APPETITE. Our menu features the HIGHEST-QUALITY STEAK, chicken, pork and seafood prepared with fresh, crisp vegetables and flavorful sides. With a FULL BAR AND HUNDREDS OF WINES to choose from, we have the perfect accompaniment to every meal.

At Southern Prime, only THE BEST. is good enough. We serve only the most tender, most flavorful, juiciest cuts of USDA PRIME BEEF, prepared to your taste and never over-seasoned. Our CHICKEN AND SEAFOOD DISHES are of he highest quality, and our master chef joins every entree with the perfect accompaniment of CRISP VEGETABLES AND SIDES. Click below to view to check out our sample Menus.

We know WINE so you don’t have to. Our Staff will pair any entrée with a wine hand-picked to bring out the flavor and texture of your meal. With choices from AROUND THE WORLD, our wine list has something for everyone, from the familiar to the ADVENTEROUS, the mild to the bold. You’ll find affordable choices for every occasion. Click below to view our extensive wine list.

If you’re looking for the right place for a party, a client dinner, a large FAMILY GATHERING or a small ceremony, look no further. Southern Prime offers PRIVATE ROOMS to accommodate from 20 to 60 guests. You’ll enjoy our ATTENTIVE SERVICE and personal attention at affordable prices. For information or to reserve, call (910) 693-0123
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