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Rich N Jenny Star 102.5FM ICYMI: Very soon (Thursday) we'll be offering another incredible Golf Club Hook-Up! This time it is passes to play at Knollwood Fairways and it's just $25 for 2 people to play. You'll also get an unbelievable package of extras that include various discounts and other goodies. Click the link for the full package and be ready to call in at 692-2107 and get yours.
The Star 102.5 / 550 AM Golf Club Hook-Up This might be the ultimate Golf Club Hook-Up we have ever had at Star 102.5 and 550 AM WIOZ.   You pay $25 and you'll get over $200 in savings.  What makes it so special? This time all passes are just $25..and 1 pass lets 2 people play! Here’s what each Pass includes (for $25 t...
Rich N Jenny Breaking News: A local teen is missing and authorities are seeking your help to find him. Just click the link to get all the details on our Star 102.5FM Moore County News page.
Rich N Jenny Manhattan oyster bar with jim and Judy Leach

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