Moore County Department of Aging

8040 U.S. 15
West End
Elder Enrichment
Phone: 910-215-0900
The Moore County Department of Aging is happy to offer the Ensure Program for it's citizens aged 60+ that need assistance in securing medically prescribed Ensure nutritional products.

In order to qualify for the Senior Enrichment Center Ensure Program you must be age 60+ and your income must not exceed 150% of the poverty level.  The Ensure program can help it's participants in obtaining medically prescribed Ensure, Ensure Plus and Glucerna Nutritional Products. 

To Clients are asked to complete a registration form and attach their doctor's prescription to Yarona Davis to determine eligibility for the Ensure program.

For more information please submit your paperwork to Yarona Davis the Family Caregiver Advisor at the Senior Enrichment Center.
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